Ira B. Robins Investigative Consultant

About me


Testified hundreds of times in municipal courts, state courts, United States district courts in the Western District of Kentucky and the Western District of Wisconsin, and Immigration Court in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Qualified and testified as an expert witness.

Is presently Vice President of Truth in Justice, a nationally recognized non-profit organization educating about the wrongfully convicted.


More than 50 years of investigative experience, including:
  • 14 ½ years as a police officer (Eight full commendations, two life saving awards and many letters of appreciation from citizens)
  • Teacher of the college level course “Criminal Investigation” taught to police officers
  • Consulted in making of police training film “Stop and Frisk”
  • 17 years as a licensed private investigator with both agency and individual licenses 16 years as an Investigative Consultant
  • Responsible for numerous exoneration of persons charged with, and/or convicted of, felony crimes.
  • Conducted investigations in more than 20 states, Canada, and Mexico